Where Has The Time Gone?

-By Raquel

The last few weeks have been so busy, exciting, and a bit of a bummer. I love love love the Holidays and the fact that they start with Robert’s birthday and goes right into Halloween makes it that much the better! On the downside Hubby left on a 15-day trip to Vietnam and Thailand (lucky jerk – check out some of his pics here). And to make matter worse, Liz, my partner-in-mommy-crime is gone for military training for 2 weeks (overlapping hubby!).

I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy so I don’t get too sad about hubby and my buddy being gone but somehow it doesn’t seem to be working. I haven’t had a chance to clean my house and the long list of projects (check this out – I love her and freezer meals!) I made in order to help my time go by faster is untouched. I haven’t cooked a single meal or even watched any of my “special occasion” TiVo shows I save for times likes this. What have I been doing? I’m not really sure. The days are busy and I end up exhausted in bed every night well after 11pm. I haven’t blogged too much so that’s not really to blame and my list of emails to answer is longer than ever. I have helped out with Liz’s 2 little girls a few times over the last week but that was only a couple of times. Do you ever have times like these when you just don’t know where your days have gone?

I had high hopes about all I was going to get accomplished during the 15-day period The Boy and I had all to ourselves. I was even planning on putting up the Christmas tree early just to keep the holiday excitement going for the boy. I’ve got about a week and a half before hubby comes back (and 1 more week for Liz) and I hope I can make better use of the second half of my time than I did of the first!

*All of this being said I give MAD PROPS to all of the amazing women (like my sister Raysa) who manage longer (trust me I know 15 days isn’t long) separations and do so seamlessly!! I’m just a wimp…

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One Response to “Where Has The Time Gone?”

  1. You’re such a blessing to my family! I love you!